What is The Wardrobe Edit?

A place for minimal style lovers. Is your wardrobe back-to-back neutrals? Brimming with basics? Jeans and a t-shirt your everyday go-to? Well - WELCOME HOME BABY! This twice a week newsletter is your place for alllll the style inspo. Your one-stop-shop, whether you’re looking for new ways to wear your old favourites, or want someone to do the scrolling for you. Allow me…

How often do you publish?

Twice a week.

Every Monday morning there’s a new Weekly Wardrobe post for paid subscribers where I share my OOTD’s from the previous week. It’s JAM-PACKED with outfit ideas, dupes, formulas and inspiration. It’s mega, and hopefully it will get you utilising your own wardrobe in ways you haven’t been able to make it work before. If you want solid outfit formulas that you can crack out on the daily - tried and tested by yours truly - this is the newsletter for you.

Then every Friday morning I publish a Weekly Wishlist where I share what I’ve got my eye on (and what’s made it into my basket!). Free subscribers will see the first 5 items of this edit and paid subscribers will get to see the full 10 pieces.

How much is a subscription and what do you get?

£5 a month, or £50 a year (annual subscribers get 2 months free - WHOOP).

However you decide to pay, you get the same access to all my Substack content. Becoming a paid subscriber is the only way to read my Monday morning Weekly Wardrobe post which details every single outfit from the week before, and to see my full 10 item Weekly Wishlist edit that goes live every Friday morning.

Where else can I find you?

Ahhh you know me - Anna Newton of The Anna Edit who has been doing this content creation malarkey for 13 WHOLE BLOOMIN’ YEARS NOW! You’ll still be able to catch me on my blog where I discuss more lifestyle-y things from recipes I love, to the contents of my makeup bag, my YouTube channel where I make a mish-mash of style videos and vlogs, my Instagram for daily updates on my life and TikTok where I post well, a bit of everything. But here? Here we’re delving into my wardrobe and I can’t bloody wait…

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